Jeff Christianson ’03

Giving Back to Washington Beta

Jeff Christianson ’03 Encourages All Alumni to Donate


Growing up, Jeff Christianson ’03 was introduced to Greek life at a young age. Both of his parents were Greek alumni, and his grandfather, Alfred Christianson ’40, was a Washington Beta alumnus. When Jeff joined ΣΑΕ his freshman year, he found an organization that allowed him to build lasting relationships and continue his family’s Greek legacy.


During his undergraduate years, Jeff held multiple offices. including house manager, eminent deputy archon, and eminent archon. Through these roles he developed a level of responsibility, leadership, and conflict management—skills he continues to use today. His senior year, Jeff was awarded a national scholarship, which motivated him to give back to the chapter as an alumnus.


“There’s a lot of intangible benefits I gained from ΣΑΕ, but that was definitely a tangible one I took advantage of. Having that tangible benefit instilled the notion of giving back to the chapter,” he said. “I try to give back on a yearly basis. If I can say anything to other alumni, it’d be that if all of us chipped in it would go a long way. If we could all give a little bit back, we could provide a large dividend.”


After graduation, Jeff began his career at Exxel Pacific, where he has been for nearly 14 years. In his role as superintendent, Jeff has learned to take advantage of opportunities and not squander away from leadership roles and complex projects, but to rise to the occasion. “You have to make your own success,” he advises. “Put yourself in a position where you can succeed: don’t wait for someone else to hand it to you. Work hard and put in the time.”


Throughout the years, Jeff and his wife, Tiffany, have traveled around the world, including Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, Sweden, and Thailand. In college, Jeff visited Argentina, where he climbed Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, and later Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Additionally, he has backpacked Europe, traveling to countries such as Ireland and Netherland. “I really enjoy other cultures and being exposed to other parts of the world and seeing how they live,” he said.


Outside of mountain climbing, Jeff also enjoys scuba diving, bird hunting, and house remodeling projects. He and Tiffany have three young children: Abraham (7), Leopold (4), and Beatrice (9 months). The family lives Seattle, Wash., and Jeff can be reached at


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