Rick Jennings ’71


A Brotherhood for Life

Rick Jennings ’71 Shares his ΣΑΕ Experience

When Rick Jennings ’71 came to Washington State, he did not anticipate joining a fraternity. “I went through recruitment in 1971 only because of a favorable schedule opening. I did not expect to pledge, but I was impressed with the men at ΣΑΕ.” His decision to join is one that has resonated throughout his life ever since.


Rick’s favorite memories from his time in the chapter are not of any major events or lessons learned, but the simple times he shared with his brothers. “One of my best memories was spending Friday or Saturday evenings playing one-on-one basketball with my good friend Eric Hopkins ’73. The closeness that came from all the activities and memories created during college was enhanced as a result of the brotherhood of ΣΑΕ.”


The lessons learned through the fraternity were ones that Rick has continued to utilize in his life. “Going into the fraternity, I was pretty much a loner. When I joined ΣΑΕ, it was natural that I became more social, which has carried on through my adult life.”


Rick retired from a 30-year career with the Hanford Site and now works part time for Mohr Test and Measurement as their lead trainer. “The responsibilities I learned from living with the brothers and the offices I held helped me understand that serving others is a big part of life, especially after college.”


The brotherhood of Washington Beta still plays a role in Rick’s life today. “Even after many years of not seeing or talking to each other, it is a bond that allows me to call another ΣΑΕ and revive a friendship as if we were still in school.” He often runs into Peter Smith ’72 at the gym and they discuss when there should be another ΣΑΕ get-together.


Rick and his wife, Judy, live in Richland, Washington. They met on a blind date during their time at Washington State Most of their free time is spent with their children and grandchildren. He was able to host a small gathering with his ΣΑΕ brothers in July and hopes to host similar events in the future. You can contact Rick at pj99352@frontier.com.


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