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Pat Berschauer ’67 Thankful for His SAE Experience

After his future father-in-law told him he needed to experience life in a fraternity, Patrick Berschauer ’76 chose to call SAE his home over Sigma Nu. “I am thankful I listened as I became a stronger person inside, which helped me develop better communication skills. I am very appreciative to have had the SAE experience.”


SAE provided Pat with the foundation needed to have a successful life and career. “The SAE house, its members, and my pledge brothers provided me a balance to help shape my personality and my character to make me the leader I have become today. I think about my experience all the time and it’s always fun to run into fellow SAEs.” Pat would love to relive bonding with his pledge brothers during their first year. “They were people I would have never met or became friends with in normal day-to-day life. I think about them all the time.”


After graduation, Pat worked for Hoffman Construction Company as a project manager on the WPPSS Nuclear Reactors at the Hanford Reservation in Richland Washington. After several years at Hoffman, he went to work for his family’s construction business in Olympia, Washington. In 1983, he began Berschauer Phillips Construction Company, which grew to $120 million in annual sales. As partner and president, he was in charge of estimating, accounting, and project management. In 2007, he and his son, Regan, started Berschauer Group Inc., and now focuses on construction and real estate development. You can read more about his projects and the Berschauer family history at


As a successful businessman, Pat is still thankful for WABE’s influence in his life. “WABE helped make me the man I am today and is a very significant part of my life. When times are tough, I feel myself falling back on the strengths the brotherhood helped build into me.” While Pat stays in touch with SAE brothers from other chapters through business, he wishes he would have stayed more connected with his WABE brothers.


“I am very proud to see our chapter back on its feet and becoming one of the best fraternities on campus again. I am very pleased and proud to be an SAE.”


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