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House Director Dave Bahoric Makes 865 NE B Street Home

In 1978, Dave Bahoric was a Wildcat football player and active Phi Delta Theta brother at Northwestern University. That same year, he met his best friend, Rich Rinkelman, Illinois Psi-Omega ’82, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon from next door. Nearly 40 years later, Dave and Rich are still best friends, and Dave’s connection with ΣΑΕ has grown tremendously.


After working on the trading floor in Chicago for 30 years, in August 2016, Dave became the new house director for Washington Beta. “When I saw a photo of the guys out on the front porch, I didn’t have to see anymore. I knew who they were,” Dave said. “When I met them, they were exactly the men I thought they were. They look out for me, give me the respect I deserve and need, and treat me very well. I feel like I have 60 sons here.”


In his first year as house director, Dave is learning about the impact he has had on the active members. Whether it is talking to a brother until 5 a.m. or explaining everything that has to do with finances, Dave hopes he can be the elder that brothers can come to. “These relationships count. You have relationships of all different sorts and levels throughout your entire life, and it’s nice to have one with someone who’s elder, who’s intelligent, who has perspective and vision, and most importantly, someone who cares,” he said. “I’ve had one or two of those kinds of relationships and they’re tremendous. I hope I can provide that to these guys. I hope we’re building relationships for life.”


All of Dave’s expectations have either been met or exceeded since beginning his role as house director. He believes Washington Beta is a solid group of young men that are growing leaps and bounds inside and out. With spring graduation approaching, Dave is not sad to see members leave, but excited for them to begin their next journey. “It’s exciting to see these men move forward. They’ve had a collective spirit in a fraternity in a PAC 12 Division 1 university,” he said. “I pride myself in my Big 10 experience. Now it’s their time to represent themselves and their families. It’s truly an exciting time.”


Dave’s days begin at 2 a.m. by taking his Dalmatian, Milli, for a walk or run, followed by a morning shift with UPS, and returning to the chapter house around 9 a.m., when the active brothers are beginning to wake up. Each day, Dave performs typical landlord/property owner duties and also makes sure the heartbeat of the house is running smoothly. “The people not only in the chapter, but the university, the people of Washington, and everyone who works for F&H have been great,” he said. “I know that isn’t always the case and I’m very blessed. They’re all quality people.”


Coincidentally, Dave’s son, Nick Bahoric, Michigan Gamma ’17, is also an ΣΑΕ and active brother at Michigan State University. Dave enjoys his time in Washington and loves the atmosphere of living in a small town with a Division 1 school. He and Milli live in the chapter house, and in his free time, Dave enjoys riding his motorcycle, fly-fishing, skiing, and staying physically active—all activities Pullman is perfect for. Dave can be reached at ibo21@icloud.com.


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