Corbin Callahan ’16

Corbin Callahan ’16 Steps up as Chapter Advisor

Impressed with the Direction Washington Beta Is Headed


Unable to find a place of belonging his freshman year, Corbin Callahan ’16 based his return to campus on finding a place he could be himself, be involved, and ultimately have a successful social and academic  college experience; the place he discovered was Washington Beta. “Joining ΣΑΕ was the best decision I could have made and I haven’t looked back since,” he said. “Being a member of Washington Beta has instilled a sense of duty, accountability, and an overall pride in holding myself to a high standard.”


Corbin served as eminent archon in 2015, when the chapter did not have a chapter advisor. Experiencing this void firsthand motivated him to volunteer as Washington Beta’s advisor. “I fully understood the value that having a chapter advisor could bring and immediately knew that upon graduation I could fill that role and benefit my chapter moving forward,” he said. “It’s a great way to provide experience, knowledge, and continued involvement back to a chapter and group of brothers that have already given so much to me.”


In this role, Corbin hopes to serve as a helpful resource for each individual member and the chapter as a whole. “I couldn’t be more impressed with where the chapter is at currently. Several years ago, we began implementing goals and aspirations into our future plans and it’s been amazing to watch the growth and accomplishments along the way,” he said. “I am so confident in the current EA, Jack Sparks ’19, and the rest of the executive board and the direction their leadership is taking the chapter. It is such an accomplishment to continually be in the top three both scholastically and in community service hours, which is a real testament to the culture that Washington Beta has instilled and maintained over the years.”


Along with serving as chapter advisor, Corbin also works as a chapter operations consultant for F&H. Professionally, he is an account manager for CampusPoint, an organization that connects recent college graduates with employers in the Seattle and Portland areas. “ΣΑΕ really enabled me to be an effective communicator and learn how to get along with people from all different backgrounds. You are interacting with such a diverse group of individuals in your own chapter that it kind of forces you to become more outgoing and creates an extremely beneficial network of peers,” he said. “It’s amazing how many little connections I made in my time in the chapter that have come full circle in my life after college.”


Throughout the years, many alumni have had a positive impact on Corbin and his involvement with the fraternity. Overwhelmingly appreciative of the support he received from George Berry ’72, Corbin happily created the George Betty Leadership Award in his name last year. He also appreciates Derek Deis ’99 and his constant effort to stay active with Washington Beta and his support and willingness to help whenever possible. “I still remember a phenomenal conversation we had during my time as eminent archon and a lot of his knowledge and input was utilized as the executive board planned the direction we wanted the chapter to take moving forward,” he said. “Derek is an alumnus who really cares about giving back to the chapter and takes a tremendous amount of pride in ΣΑΕ as a whole. His visits were always a highlight around the chapter.”


In his free time, Corbin golfs as much as he can, plays basketball, and spends time with his dog, Jackson, and girlfriend, Katie. He lives in Seattle, Wash., and can be reached at “I am truly grateful for all the friends ΣΑΕ allowed me to make and the opportunities it has opened for me. I’m amazed at how ΣΑΕ could take the boy I was before and mold the man I am today and that’s a testament to the bond and brotherhood my chapter fostered and has maintained. I am so appreciative of the brothers I shared so many experiences with and who helped me along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys. Phi Alpha!”


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